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You’re not fooling anyone. How to start on your vision now, not one day.

If there’s something you want to make happen but you’re putting it off because it’s:

△ Not the right time

△ Can’t afford it

△ Don’t have enough time

△ Don’t think the market is ready yet

△ Want to think about it more first

△ Or some other gosh darn excuse

Then if you answer yes to the following question, I’ve an idea for you:

“If I could make *insert idea/goal/dream* happen tomorrow than I’m willing to do what I must today, to do it.”

Answered YES?

Excellent. First a reality check.

The only thing holding you back is you.

Yesum, the only thing holding you back is you. Not time. Not money. Not the divine alignment of the moon and the stars. YOU.

Still with me? Great.

So let’s bring your idea/goal/dream to reality tomorrow instead of next year.

Sure there’ll be an ideal way you see the vision coming together and all the tools, time and resources you’d need to make that happen, but what if instead you paired your idea and needs right back with a view to seeking out any way to make a start (tomorrow) rather than this belief of there’s only way to make a start (one day)?

For example, if your vision is to open a High St shop selling left handed gloves woven from the virgin fibre of the rare Incan albino alpaca clipped under the full moon, but at this point you don’t have the shop, the gloves or the fibre then rather than waiting to save the money to get all these things, what can you with the tools and resources you have available to you right now, to make it happen?

Maybe it’s starting with easily sourced organic Alpaca fibre, knitting your first glove and opening an Etsy shop online. Then as your sales grow, squirrel away all your profits, once they hit the figure needed to purchase your rare albino Inka fibre then buy up. Knit some more gloves, sell some more, squirrel away more profit and before you know it, you’ve stepped up to a local market stall, then a pop up shop, then your first retail shop maybe somewhere affordable, and then, you got it, you sign the lease for your High St shop.

It’s not rocket science, there’s nothing clever about it. But it’s surprising how many people I speak with have a default mind set of all or nothing. Now I’m not saying this is you, but if it is, I challenge you as to how serious you really are about actualising your dreams, and how hungry you really are for them. Imagine if you’d have started this approach this time last year, where would you be by now? How about a year from now? You get the idea.

Get hungry.

Take a step forward everyday.

The successful people of the world didn’t start with an all or nothing approach, they started with a, “Just flippin’ start anywhere, so long as you just start!” approach.

Now go do!

Chance :)

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February 22, 2016