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Where Exactly Are You Going In Business?

It happens to the best of us, we either start a business we’re passionate about or we’re in business because if like me you’ve not, not been in a business of some kind since you’re 8 yo because it’s your life force; but regardless you get to a point where you realise something is incredibly out of balance.


It could be work/life balance, effort vs financial return, love vs hate, whatever it is for you, it’s a point at which you lift your head up from the grind, look around and discover that for a while now you’ve simply been doing today, and in fact the last year or more, what you did yesterday or the year before, without taking stock and checking in to see if you’re still connected to, and actively working towards, where you actually want to be. Worse still, it’s likely that if this resonates with you, you actually have a total disconnection with where you even want to be anymore.


This was soooo me in recent years!


Every day I was doing my do, giving 100% to my client work, 0% to myself, and continued on that tact for so long ‘meaning’ to stop and take stock, to check in to see how I was progressing with my own business development goals. The truth was, I’d long ago lost touch with those goals, even throwing my road map out the window with it somewhere along the meandering journey!


Holy shiznit! When the truth of this reality hit me one day (of course of which was triggered by a catalyst that caused enough pain for me to snap me from my route routine stupor. Sound familiar?) I had this jolt of realisation that I’d achieved the big stary eyed goal I’d set myself long ago, but I was so busy doing the do that I didn’t realise it!


Have you had the same experience, where when you’ve wanted something for so long, something that at one point may have felt so inconceivable, yet you slowly but surely chipped away at moving an inch closer to it every day, that when you actually crossed the finish line and achieved ‘it’ you where oblivious to it? That’s because you’re so deep in the trenches, and it’s been such a long, long, hard slog that unconsciously you knew what you were aiming for, but consciously you’ve forgotten what the finish line actually looks like – you no longer recognise it when you see it.


Well, you’re not alone, so too – I know I’m not alone in this reality.


If you’re reading these words I think this is the reminder you’re ready for, just as I was.


Now is the time to stop, switch your phone to silent, carve out a block of time where you won’t be interrupted, then meditate to clear your head of the daily must do’s, allow yourself the space and time to slow your thinking, then begin to ask yourself the question, “What do I wish my reality was right now that isn’t?” – the key here is to trust what comes up, listen and respect the words, feelings or visions that flash past your awareness.


You may be tempted to delete, distort or generalise what’s presented to you; resist the temptation. That’s your ego and consciousness trying to take back control, just for this moment don’t give it what it wants. You see, it’s, in fact, these two forces that have had you and I on the hampster wheel so entranced and bound to our relentless daily slog until now.


Stay in the meditative state for as long as needed in order to usher to the surface your inner truth of what you wish your reality was right now but isn’t. You may have to repeat the question to yourself internally over and over again, and that’s ok. Give yourself permission to create the space, the silence, the safety for it to rise to the surface and let itself be known.


Your reality may already be 80% complete the version you wish for it to be, and that’s great; now let’s seek to connect with the 20% that would complete it.


Alternatively, maybe your reality is 20% the version you wish for it to be, that too is ok. Removing your own pressure of self-expectation is essential in this exercise. Accept and acknowledge where you are now, only then can you work to create a new reality with purpose and a plan that will actually bear fruit.


A few clues when noticing what comes up for you in meditation: for me when a thought or vision that bubbles to the surface instantly creates a sensation within my body like goosebumps, a tightness or fluttering in my stomach, or a sensation of my breath being taken away; I know this is clear evidence that I am in alignment with something that clearly sets my soul on fire. These are absolute beacons to really take note of, no matter how surprising or unexpected they may be, trust the feedback your body gives you. Like lights on a runway, they’re guiding you into your truth.


You may find your answers in one session, or it may take multiple attempts. Whatever your experience, stick to it and when you have just one clear answer to the question, “What do I wish my reality was right now that isn’t?”, then again, take a concerted block of uninterrupted time out to now plan how you will begin to integrate new efforts that will move you to actualising that reality.


For me, I’ve come to learn I need to dedicate time every weekday to these efforts because the sense of frequent satisfaction really nourishes me, and the reassurance of everyday gathering more evidence of my progression to my own business growth goals helps me to digest the current reality I still have to traverse and navigate my way through.


Do what works for you.

Test and tune.

Be playful.

Just do something opposed to nothing.


Be clear once more on where you want to go so that immediately your today can become more on purpose than it’s been in a very long time.


Here is your Chance :)