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What I’m Doing so I don’t Have to Work Public Holidays Anymore

Ready for some incredible news?


I’ve Retired!!


From working Public Holiday’s that is, haha – I’ve Entrepreneur in my veins, the thought of ever actually retiring makes me shudder, yuck.


So backstory.


Working for ourselves there is no start and finish time, there’s now, or never. Boundaries, what are they? Feel me?


For yearsssssss, as in seriously, lots of them, I’ve not comfortably taken a Public Holiday off. Sure I’ve had them off, but every inch of my mind and body has felt the pull, angst and worry that ‘giving myself the day off’ has caused, and that’s because it’s been a day without pay. If I don’t work, I don’t get paid – that’s a business model I’m changing this year, but a convo for another day.


In short, I work Public Holidays, I mean, I HAVE worked (past tense) Public Holidays, until now 2019, because I couldn’t afford not to.


Some of you savvy moguls will already have a strategy in place to circumvent this, however, I know my peeps, many of you don’t – and my dear, it’s you I share and write this for, this year things change on this front, for us both.


My Solution isn’t isn’t going to suggest you put your life savings on crypto and double down on money in your sleep, or have you selling essential oils or protein shakes awkwardly to your best mates against their will. In fact, my solution is so ridiculously radical you may wonder if you’re even cut out for it.








Here goes.


You figure out how many Public Holidays there are in the year ahead, you times that by the income you earn in a given day, and now divide it by the number of weeks or months left in the year, and that’s the figure you now VERY PURPOSEFULLY set aside each week or month, into a separate bank account you can’t see or access as readily as your transaction accounts – and now you are accruing Holiday Leave. Magic.


Told you it was wild.


While 2019 is still young, do this exercise NOW, it’s a whole lot easier to set aside and get in the habit now, then when much of the year has passed and the motivation for creating different habits has lost its shine.


I’m savvy as truck when it comes to building and growing successful businesses, but being as savvy with myself, the woman behind the successes is a journey I’m still honing. I can’t believe it’s taken me until now to implement such a gosh darn simple system, and I know it’s because we get so deeply entrenched in the day to day, that we dismiss all the ‘nuisance’ little life admin stuff around the sides as a job for later, a job we all know we never get to and before we know it, years have passed and now here we are.


So stop reading, well not right now, but very shortly.

Share this article with a fellow business owner so they can get their shit in order too, and then set this up for yourself right now.

Google Public Holidays for the year in the country/state you live, get the calculator out, the bank account set up and the system in place nowwwww.


Finally, this year I won’t have FOMO watching Insta stories of my friends frolic in the sun, by a barbie or beach on a Public Holiday wishing I could have the day off, if I wanted and still get paid.


It won’t be long before I talk about affording days off by simply increasing your income through other streams – but for now, let’s start with this and change our habits from the ground up, so when we are dancing in 100 bills raining from the sky (actual experience not guaranteed) we will still be setting money aside for affordable time off. Money is energy, our relationship with it is powerful. Master this new habit and teach it on to others. Reclaim the energy leak, that has been until now stress you can do without.


Here is Your Chance.

Mic drop.


Chance :)