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Welcome to 2019!


I am so happy to be back at my desk, I enjoy time off, it’s great to rest the mind, but I’m yet to find the kind of time off/holiday that satisfies me to the degree my work does.

I’ve only realised that now; I can see in hindsight that’s why I struggle so much to take an extended period of time off because internally I’m weighing up whether it will satiate all my desires equally, or not.

Anyone else with me on that?

But let’s talk New Year!

There are 2 things in a Calendar I ❤️, Monday’s and January 1.

For me, stepping into Monday or the first day of the year is like opening a new pack of post-it notes or a box of cereal.

You can smell the crispness, the newness, the untouched ready to be anything you want it to be feeling.

Last year I allowed myself to be all consumed by Client work, at the expense of progressing my own projects.

When faced week in week out with over 60hrs of work to move through, my default as it appears is to dedicate like a loyal worshiper my first 34+ hrs to Client projects, then with the remnant energy, time and focus left, I wade through the scraps of my own projects, picking at the carcass of many tiny started but not completed components; all in all getting nowhere.

So first day back I invested in me first and planned out my workload and time off for the WHOLE of 2019!

I now have a revised daily schedule, in fact, writing this is during my new morning block, from bed, black coffee beside me, blind open, Kitty Neko nestled in beside me.

I now know exactly how many public holiday and vacation days I need to prepare my income to cover in advance. #noleavedaysbeingselfemployeed

I now know how much every week I need to set aside in order to pay myself a wage on those shutdown days.

I now know what time to set my alarm for each day and how the ensuing hours will be invested.

I now know my workload schedule for every single week, especially the navigation of the 3 and 4 day short weeks because of Public Holidays or Vacations.

I now have an updated (& very colourful) iCal blocked out to include, wake time, my work blocks, client work blocks, shower and meditation time, transit time to/from Clients etc.

Last year I also really resisted routine, you see I love variety, but with many things in life, too much of one thing often tips the scales in an unsustainable way – and that it did my friends. I had variety alright, but I also had a bucket load of organised chaos which meant more energy spent then return gained and a perpetual sense of treading water, and getting nowhere.

We all know that if you want different you have to do different, so in 2019 I’m returning to Goal Setting, Routines, Taking time out for Planning and simply rinsing and repeating.

My Wish List of mountains I want to conquer this year can only be achieved with this approach, and like Big Kev, I’m excited!


Let the good times roll!

Chance :)