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Tune in, as each week I answer your Small Business questions 
Wow, what a huge week it’s been here at the Secret Source Desk.

Did you hear I released my first Guide + Bonus Workbook, How To Set & Achieve Seriously Awesome Goals? I have been so humbled by the response and support, thank you!

It’s been an epic journey figuring out how to download all my knowledge in this space onto paper, but I got there in the end and I’m proud as punch! Now I can’t wait to celebrate with you those goals that you finally smash, woohoo! *shaking my virtual pom-poms*

Scroll to the bottom to watch the video and learn more; but for now though let’s leap into this week’s question!

This weeks question wasn’t emailed in, but rather asked in a conversation I recently had.

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It went a little something like this, “Everything seems to take me so much longer than other people, there’s probably a quicker way, but I don’t know what it is.”
To put it into context, this incredible business woman who has a strong and extensive history of running, starting and growing successful businesses was miffed as to where her time was going, with little to show in return.
Turns out as we dug deeper, she has a fear of ‘Getting It Wrong’. Sound familiar?
As humans, it’s only natural that we tend to love the feeling of getting something right; the pats on the back, the high 5’s or the acceptance and respect of our peers. But on the flipside, depending on our past experiences, making a decision can have us stone cold paralysed with fear at the thought of getting it wrong and not being good enough. So then you know what happens, uncertainty, indecision and procrastination.
What was becoming evident as the conversation unfolded and this warm-hearted Lady shared her vulnerabilities with me, was that her fear of making a ‘wrong’ decision was robbing her of the hours in her day. Bingo, that’s why everything was taking her so much longer. The seconds toing and froing on a decision would soon turn into minutes, then worst case, hours.
As we spoke, I also learnt about some of the painful and costly experiences she’d had in business over the years. And, as with happens on some occasions, our ego can be scarred, and if gone unnoticed this damage in the background has the power to change our personality and character for the worse.

Over the past month, as I was producing my new Guide and Workbook, a pesky little voice in my head would at times chime in and cruelly have me question if what I had to share was ‘good enough’. Not supportive at all! See no one’s immune, it’s instead a matter of learning the tools to navigate around these nuisance speed bumps.

I’m a huge advocate in the power of reframing. I’ll explain. When faced with a challenging experience, you have the chance to decide what you’ll make that event mean to you. That choice will either support you to move forward empowered, and all the better for it, or it will slowly eat away at you consuming you like quick sand. I know which I’d rather.

So for this woman, we discovered she’d made these past bad experiences mean that she can’t be trusted to make solid decisions because she’ll be reprimanded and made to feel incapable. Ironically, that’s the very experience she imposes on herself each time she’s faced with a decision.

Now when it comes to decision-making, in most cases, there is no right or wrong, instead, lean towards what best serves and best fits. Sure it pays to sense check your choice, but nothing in life is guaranteed, so lock and load your best choice and move onto the next one. It’s true; a quick decision is a good decision.

The more you practice rapid decision making, the sooner the momentum and increase in self confidence will return with gusto and a sparkling new found energy.

Two things to note, if this sounds like you, exhale, it’s a silent underground affliction common in many women, known as, the disease to please, there is help at hand. (1) Give yourself permission to make mistakes, the more the better, how else do you think kids learn? (2) If stuck on the treadmill of indecision find your answer by asking this question, “What’s the worst case scenario if I go with this choice?” Now so long as morally and ecologically it adds up, you’ve got it; lock and load and move to the next one.

Can you see now how much precious time can be claimed back through the act of practicing to trust yourself, your choices and the smarts you’re born with?

I have faith in you, you are more than good enough, so shake off and reframe what doesn’t support and re-strengthen that decision making muscle, one quick choice at a time.

Your #1 Fan,
Chance :)