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#ThoughtfulThursday | Trust Yourself

So what started out as any normal Thursday, soon became a Soul affirming terrific day which then spawned the following delightful downloads.

I’m a member of a secret club, ok well it’s not a secret as such, but it is a club; and one that is going places thanks to its founder Kym Seletto and her group of merry Ladies – or as we’re known, Rad Bitches.

The Rad Bitch Girl Gang is an incredible Facebook Group; Kym explains it as, “A place to connect with other equally Rad Bitches, and Girl Bosses carving their own paths in the world and rocking at life.”

I’ve found, that what sets this group aside from others is how safe and respectful the space is. Somedays you’ll have super awesome insight, and advice to share, others you may feel moved to bare your soul, wear your heart on your sleeve and share a glimpse into your darkest corners – and that’s ok! Because my friends, this place gives you both a soft spot to fall, and a loving tribe universally driven to see you [yes the stranger on the other side of this screen] to succeed, however your heart desires, in Life, in Business.

If you’re here reading this, than by my own definition, I’d say you’re a Rad Bitch, so go on over and join the movement, support Kym, support yourself, and support The Rad Bitch Girl Gang community.

Now I’ve set the scene I’ll explain how these treats came to be. So yesterday was #ThoughtfulThursday over at the club house; members are encouraged to reflect on who we are in this world and what makes us tick. By chance, that’s just where my headspace was at, so I made a motivational card to share, and posted this:


radbitch fb post 12112015


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34 GETTING IT RIGHT + Secret Source Academy Inspirational Quote

It turned out, I wasn’t alone, some of the Rad Bitches had felt the same internal pressures. If there’s something you want to achieve, or a belief you want to change, put up a photo, or an affirmation somewhere you’ll see it often, and soon enough [with action and determination] you’ll see it come to be. I’ve made these wallpapers/screen savers so you can do just that [plus make your work space super pretty, who doesn’t love that].

If you love these, please PIN them to your Pinterest board or share them on your Facebook page, and let’s all do our bit to support and nurture our fellow Rad Bitches.

Affirmation Love Accept Desktop Wallpaper iMac Mockup


Trust Yourself Desktop Wallpaper iMac Mockup