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Is it just me or have you also experienced a time when as a Business owner you were presented with a situation, challenge or crossroads where you actually didn’t have the answer grace itself upon you somewhat instantly as it does for the other 99% of the time?


We all know that working for yourself inherently attracts a daily barrage of choices to be made, and typically the characters that makeup you and I are usually decisive and resourceful; so it’s not often we’re stumped or dazed and grappling for an answer.


But dang, for those 1% times, any sign I can find that will guide me in to my answer like blinking runway lights for a 747 on a dark and stormy night, I’ll take!


I’ll be looking at the clouds in the sky to see if their patterns have formed a sign from above, I’ll pay closer attention to the words in songs in case there’s a cryptic message, I’ll even slow down my Social feed scroll, who knows if the answer will be served to me in the form of an ad, you’ve got be open right! Haha


For some reason, these prevailing antics seem like the logical first step when faced with a business challenge or opportunity that I can’t find the answer from within my own bag of tricks.


I’m a born entrepreneur, I’ve lived and breathed business ownership for over 29 years, and in that time I have built a colossal repertoire for dealing with almost anything so I’ve come to rely on my knowledge as an Oracle Source of sorts that I can turn to in a moments notice. It always has my back. Yet occasionally over the years, I have turned to my Fountain of Knowledge and it’s as if someone has turned the tap off and there’s no one home, my question has no answer and no sign of one in sight. It’s at this point I feel scrambled and initiate my divine sign seeking strategy, which certainly sometimes delivers the most profound of answers, especially during meditation – but for the most part, simply tuning into Source or my Inner Guidance isn’t enough.


What I actually need is professional strategic advice and guidance from a Business Coach, Kinesiologist, Lawyer, Accountant, you get the idea.


At no point do we need to have all the answers within us that as a Business Owner we may feel we should already have, life is a continual lesson which we learn and grow from conversations of our most trusted Inner Circle, so too is Business.


Know that if you’re reading this and you’ve been going in circles internally trying to find the answer to something on your mind, it’s ok not to find it within, it’s time to take it like a baked treat to those whose insight you value, and share together the devouring of what was once an unsolved riddle, that now reveals it’s truth when the last crumb is lifted. Often talking it out with someone be it a fellow business owner or a revered Coach is what’s needed to release the stranglehold that until now your question had over you.


You’ll know when hanging on to your unanswered question has been long enough and it’s time to seek advice, this time, practice acknowledging that point sooner, and engaging the ear of the person you know will have the answer you seek, it’s one of the many habits exceptional business owners master.



January 8, 2019