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If you want to create a new and permanent habit, it’s only possible with one of two mindsets:

A) A steadfast commitment to doing different consistently, for as long as it takes, usually until you struggle to remember how you use to ‘do’ the unresourceful version of the habit


B) Have a big enough, deep enough, soul driven connection that pushes you with all it’s might in the direction of a better way. The motivation is salvation the driver is freedom.

Often we hear of the later version being when someone experiences a defining moment, family tragedy or unexpected diagnosis. Typically in the form of a wake up call. But it doesn’t have to be that extreme. Read on.

For such complex creatures we do some bloody bonkers things.

We’re an intelligent species, we know what’s good and what’s bad for us, yet we try to sneak through life making sub par choices in some areas of life, rolling the dice on how long we can get away with the behaviour that’s doing the harm, disconnected from reality and behaving like life is a game we can hit edit undo on.

It might be poor food choices.

Maybe an unfulfilling relationship.

Not saying yes and stepping up when you feel called.

Succumbing to a job we bergudgingly sentence ourselves too.

Financial hardship or maybe witnessing such an event unfold for someone near us.

And like a switch flicking, if we’re lucky we snap out of the daze, stop devouring the distorted truth we’ve feed ourselves to that point and instead finally level up and come face to face with the polarising two choices.

Keep doing the same and keep getting the same.

Or make radical choices for radical change.

For some of us it only takes one wake up call, for others it takes a few metaphorical slaps across the head to get with the program.

For me one night 2 years ago I went to bed safely able to eat wheat, and just hours later woke up unable to breathe properly because my body decided to declare war on wheat. In an extreme way.

8 hours in emergency with my best friend keeping me calm, more tests than I can recall, and 30hrs later my breathing had returned to normal.

I’d been wanting to give up wheat, it’s toxic stuff that is slowly killing those that eat it, but I hadn’t connected with a big enough driver to move me away from it (sif that wasn’t already a big enough reason why, see what I mean, we’re all guilty of the gamble).

So when the apparent threat of my life was unfolding before me, my switch flicked.

I haven’t had wheat since.

But what has happened, is I’ve inadvertently consumed it hidden in my meal and within moments my chest would go tight, my breathing would shorten, the anxiety would kick in and instantly I’d feel trapped in my body as it ditched the basic functions that we take for granted each day, and instead sent all its energy to quarantine the offending wheat molecules and restore my breathing 30min later if it was a minor consumption.

I’d got use to being ‘that’ person at cafes and friends housing triple checking there wasn’t a hidden bomb in any of my food.

It wasn’t until I was in Japan with friends and I had one of these moments unfold, unknowingly eating something I shouldn’t and bam, cue tight chest and the struggle to breathe.

I stayed quiet, concentrating on staying calm.

My friends knew something was up, instantly suggesting the hospital across the road. It was in that moment my second switch flicked and it was time to create a new habit.

I believe allergies can be cleansed from the body. There’s more shite in your guts than you’d ever fully believe, scrub that out with nothing more than what Mother Nature provides us and you’ve somewhat got the closet thing you’ll get to an edit undo on your health.

So that’s what I did.

I’ve spent the last 31 days cleansing.

Living on fresh homemade juice for breakfast.

Cut up fruit for lunch.

Steamed veggies for dinner.

Nuts for snacks.

No sugar.

No dairy.

No meat.

No condiments.

Nothing processed.

And obviously no wheat.

I set out with a big enough, deep enough Soul driven connection that pushed me to make a change. Pushed me to freedom.

I don’t want to eat wheat again. But I do want my body to be at peace with it so if I accidentally consume it, I’m safe.

I get the results of my cleanse soon, but in traversing this journey many have been in awe of my unwavering commitment to myself.

The reality is, it wasn’t hard at all.

There was no temptation to deviate from my path, nothing was more valuable or enticing than my freedom of health. And man were my eyes locked on the prize, and continue to be. Ain’t no contaminating this cleansed body temple now!

I was equipped with the Mindset B I mentioned at the start.

Taking the blinders off and seeing in the clear light of day the entrapment this situation had put me in, was clearly the pain needed to do different and stick to it without fault.

I know there’s something in your life right now that’s been pecking away at you to change, and you keep dismissing it, ignoring it, and putting it off.

If you’ve read this far, then this post is well and truly a sign written just for you. Here, let me metaphorically shake your shoulders.

Wake up.

Your invisible cloak is gone

The Universe can see you.

You’re hiding nothing.

The time for change is here.

And you’re so very ready. So much more than you realise.

The Universe never sends us anything we can’t handle, let this be a translated message directly from source, that says, “We’ve let you slip by under the cover of the shadows long enough, your time to rise is here. You don’t realise it, but in the months and years that have lead up to you reading these very words, we’ve trained you, taught you and equipped you with all you could possibly need to make this change. All you need now is to flick the switch and the rest will unfold, that’s the only step we can’t do for you. Believe in yourself, believe in the possibility, believe in the now. You’ve got this.”

So the moral is:

If you want to change something, connect with a big enough and deep enough motivator and you’ll move mountains.

This approach works for everything, minor or major, it doesn’t discriminate, it just rewards action. Consistent action.

Go on.

Give it a burl.

And let me know how you go.

You’ve got this.

Your quirky business whisperer

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February 7, 2018