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The Double D Effect | Determination and a Date

Put your hand up if you’ve procrastinated on getting something done. Exactly, we’ve all done it before, and if like me you’re a human, you’ll likely do it again in the future. The thing is though, would you agree that once the said thing for which you’ve been procrastinating is done, you can look back in hindsight and feel like a bit of a ninny because it was easier than you thought, less scary that you had envisaged and more pleasant than painful – so why the flip didn’t you do it sooner? I know, I know, we’re funny creatures.

It’s said that unless you first acknowledge something you can’t change it, so now that we’ve acknowledged procrastination is a real thing, where few are immune, let’s now look at the Double D Effect, a life hack for minimising procrastination and maximising those feel good feelings!

For a while now I’ve been wanting to create a membership site that you, my beautiful readers would get all giddy and excited about, a place where I can give abundant value and resources to support you in living your best life. The first hiccup happened when I realised the immense amount of technical IT work required to design and build a membership site, let alone stock it and broadcast its existence to my people! Oh and amplify that worry knowing that my budget would only afford me to DIY it myself rather than the ideal path of hiring a geek chic nerd to work his magic [yes, I’m still talking about IT].

So as you can see, only a thought or two into this lovely dreamy idea, procrastination rolled in and parked any hopes of it happening anytime soon.

Fast forward now many, many, many, many months, ok I’ll be honest, over a year; the opportunity to launch a range of Printable Stationary at a local Makers Market presented itself. What a fab idea! Only, there was a problem, a few in fact. First of all, what products will I offer and how will I sell them, given they’re digital and not a physical something customers would walk away with on the day… Argh, if only all those months ago I had kicked procrastination in the butt and built a lovely website with shop and members only area. If only…

This fork in the road is where the Double D Effect entered. My options where either; A) I do whatever the heck needs to be done between now and market day to have designs and an online infrastructure to sell or B) I just put it on the back burner again and pass up the opportunity [mind you, this option would also entail me mentally beating up on myself for stalling on the completion of a goal, it’d already put it off for over a year].

I took Road A, to say I was determined was an understatement and well the Market organisers where in charge of the date, so here lays the foundations of the Double D Effect, Determination and a Date. When you want to do or achieve something the timeline is often, ‘One day’. But when you want to achieve something and you have a Date, you need only pair it with sheer Determination and no man, mountain or hurdle will get in your way, for the Double D effect is in full swing conspiring for your success.

As the story turns out, I did whatever I had to to turn up on Market day 100% ready with a range to offer and the online infrastructure to sell it, the response was fantastic, the result an exciting start.

I now know how to build the backend of a membership site, code a website to support it and setup an online shop. I’ve well and truly earned my Geek Chic stripes, and talk about those feel good feelings I mentioned earlier! I feel incredible with what I’ve achieved! You really can do anything you put your mind to. And of course, massive achievement begets more massive achievement, so while the energy is sparking like a dazzling array of fireworks I’m going to channel the after burn of my Double D effect into a direction that builds all the more on the foundations I’ve worked so darn hard to create.


Now there’s a project you’ve been dragging your feet on, I know it, you know it. Come on, let my story inspire and motivate you to get it done, you never know where it will springboard you too next. Find an event or occasion for which the date is set by a 3rd party, one you don’t have a say in, then commit to be a apart of it. Let your determination loose and see what magic unfolds.

The journey between now and then may be challenging, exhausting, trying, bloody hard or flippn’ difficult, just keep at it, one foot in front of the other, working towards that date, either way what ever you get complete by then will be strides ahead of where you are now. Truth be told, there was a list of things I wanted to have done for Market day in order for it to match my ideal vision, but you know what, I didn’t get them all done, and no one but me would have even noticed. I achieved all the important parts, the rest in reality where things that ‘would have been nice’ – just to appease my perfectionist nature, yet these things would have had little contribution to my core intention.

Strip away the ‘would be nice’s’, commit to a date, get the core tasks done and then revel in the feel good feelings and the payoff for sticking to your guns and seeing your project and vision through to completion – I believe in you, now go get em’!!!