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The answers you seek are all around you

I recall as a kid, if I had a question I had a few avenues to take in search of the answer. I could ask my parents over dinner, I could gamble on the answer a friend in the playground would offer or I could reach for a volume of the Encyclopedia Britannica. These days, more often than not, we turn to Google.

When they say we’re in the information age, they’re not wrong! You think of it, you can find it online – sure the validity of the answer can sometimes be questionable, but none the less, you’ll find a few thousand search results begging for you to click through for the answer.

Something that hasn’t changed though, is the bevy of answers that whirl around in the wind, light and life around us, every moment of every day. Say what now?

Nope, it’s not some new iAnswer Apple gadget I’m talking about, instead the timeless and infinite world of the humble, coincidence. Rather, I call them Synchronicities. I’ll make my opinion clear so you can vote whether to keep reading or not, I subscribe to the belief that there is no such thing as coincidence, everything happens for a reason and there are hidden messages, and answers in it all.

Pre 2008 I hadn’t thought much of the concept of coincidences, I just thought it was a happy delight to bump into a long lost friend in the supermarket, or to misplace my car keys and delay my departure for 10 minutes, later to find out I’d avoided a traffic incident. Post 2008 that all changed. Well ‘it’ didn’t all change, I changed.

My Dad passed away in 2008, and little did I know, that whilst the pain of his abrupt departure from my world had me dazed in disbelief, he was busy finding new ways to communicate with me, to tell me he’s still near and assure me, that everything’s going to be ok. So what the McHeck am I talking about? Well every year, in the years that have followed the synchronicities that happen in my world increase 10 fold. I’ve so many incredible stories to share, giving proof to the answers that swim past our awareness everyday, for now though, just this one.

For the last 15 years I’ve had a goal to buy a very specific car, the achievement of which I knew would be a defining moment in my life, because in order to make it happen, a serious set of circumstances would have to line up to make it so. For the first 10 years I thought I was working towards the goal, I wasn’t. Then in the last 5 years I decided I’d stalled long enough, it was time to take serious action for serious results. I’m sure you’ve had a similar burst of reality wash over and spur you to pull up your socks too, yeah?

I put a plan in place, I took action and lone behold one day, the final two puzzle pieces lined up and bam, the door of opportunity opened to make this goal a reality. Translated, that meant I was now in a position to trawl through carsales.com.au not with a wish, a hope, a dream, but with money in my pocket and a car to buy. Now, let me preface this, I’ve bought a number of cars over the years, I’m a research to the hilt kinda Lady, I triple check my options, weighing up the pros and cons, I consider my options left, and right – then I make my choice. Typically it’s around the 5th car I inspect that I buy, the go to wo of the process for me is a solid month.

Well, not this time. I’d been dragging my feet on even searching the sale ads for my car, because I couldn’t believe it was happening – then one day, something washed over me, I pulled my computer out, I declared to my friends that by the weekend (which was 5 days away) I would have my car and it will be perfect. Meanwhile in my mind, knowing my history, at best I was a good month off that happening. Nonetheless, computer out, googling away, the results for the car I wanted turned up with a narrow choice of less than 3, 2 of which really weren’t even contenders. Determined to stick at it and at least make a start, I thought, ‘Bugger it, there’s something about this one, let’s just go check it out.”

Now what I haven’t told you was that I was visiting Japan at the time, so when I found this car I called from Tokyo to line up an inspection for shortly after I got off the plane. Even following the call I felt confused why I was moving so quickly on this particular car, however it just felt right. I rolled with it. Throughout the whole process I silently kept asking Dad for his help and guidance, not knowing if it would be heard or not.

I turned up at the inspection thinking, it’ll be great to at least get the ball rolling and see what it offers, you know, so I can compare it against the other cars I check out. Then the oddest and most profound series of events unfolded…

The moment I met the gentleman selling the car I instantly felt like I knew him, I even began behaving as though I knew him, almost like we had some common history we shared, we didn’t – we’d never met. Ever. Then I looked over the car and it was perfect. Not just kind of sort of, but literally perfect. My list was ticked (and it was a longggg list). It felt all too odd, never had the car buying process been this effortless to me; and given the big price tag I wasn’t use to committing too I wasn’t just going to triple check my choices, I was going to analyse the shit out of them in order to make a solid choice (that I could sleep soundly with). The price was more than I was willing to pay, so in my head I decided that that was going to be the hurdle between me and my goal.

I put my price to the seller and he accepted. I couldn’t believe it, within 15 minutes of viewing this car, meeting this familiar soul and triple checking my list, I’d made an offer on the first car I’d seen, WAS I BONKERS!!!??? I had dazed myself, so I silently kept asking Dad for his guidance and support that I was doing the right thing, cos it sure felt bashful! The next few days was paperwork and inspections, all of which sailed through, and right up to the moment before the money changed hands I kept thinking, “Chance are you sure about this, it’s the first one you’ve seen! This isn’t like you at all, you can back out if you like.”.

Then before I knew it, my best friend was driving me to pick up my new car, still in disbelief I’d made such a hasty decision, the only place I felt comfort was in leaning on this unexplainable feeling that it felt right. The seller handed over the keys with a huge familiar smile, a hug and this remark, almost as if a parting gift, “You won’t have to worry about the rego for a while, it’s not due until…” And this is when I was both floored and entirely reassured I’d made the right choice, it all made sense now; the date he said was my Dad’s birthday. Out of 365 days, get outta town! Instantly I knew I was in good hands. Dad was with me all along, just as he had physically been with my first car, right through to this one.

So what does this warm and fuzzy story have to do with answers, well my dear, if you’re looking for answers that Google can’t answer, like “What should I do”, “What’s my purpose in life”, “How can I find happiness”, “Should I buy this car” – Then in a quite space where you won’t be interrupted say this aloud or just in your mind with your eyes closed, “Dear Divine Spirit Guides, I call upon you to help, *insert situation and question here*, I am open to receiving your inspired thought and guidance and will look out for synchronicities or clues in my World, thank you for your love and support, I am grateful for you always.”.

I use this approach sometimes for fun, on little things, and other times for the big hairy questions that have answers and choices that overwhelm or elude me. Reality is, YOU HAVE EVERYTHING WITHIN YOU THAT YOU NEED, you must simply step forward and trust. The Universe is always conspiring for your success.


Happy coincidence spotting!

Chance :) ox


PS: Since Dad’s passing I started noticing white Range Rovers far more often, I didn’t connect the two until later – Dad and I had a fond connection with the white Rangie I was shuffled around in as a kid by Mum, to and from school, friends houses and family holidays; these days I now chose to make any white Range Rover I see mean that it’s Dad saying hello, I love you, I’m still here.

Just recently my best friend and I got back from a wonderful holiday together, and being the incredible soul she is, she’s supportive and receptive to the magic and meaning of these white Rangies; Dad seems to communicate most when we’re together, this recent catchup was no different – As we parted she snapped this pic and sent it to me, I texted back with a huge thank you and heart of gratitude as I replied with, “Wanna know something even more amazing? Check the number plate, it’s Dad’s Birthday. Living such a blessed, blessed life, incredible. Thank you.”

White Rangie