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oh my how quickly the first 3 months of the year feel to have flown by – would you agree?

for me the year started much the same as the previous year ended, living in a vintage van on my mother’s property helping her rebuild (yep not renovate) her 150yo cottage out west; a far bigger project than we set out willing to acknowledge. in between hammering nails, smashing out walls or cooking in our make-shift camp like setup i continued to run my business, build my product range, refresh my branding and embark on projects new clients.

not to mention my ongoing contribution of time and services to the rural town of great western’s makers market team for our 3rd only market, making it even more successful than the last. did i already say i also moved back home to melbourne, made new friends, organised and attended numerous entrepreneurial gatherings and quite possibly struck onto the most divine idea (yet to be announced) to support determined women in business to power ahead.

my oh my, when i do a stocktake like this, turns out my Q1 of 2016 was far more accomplished than i’d been giving it credit for!

your turn, review your Q1 and give yourself the credit and reality check you deserve, it’ll help calibrate your focus, charge up your motivation and throw you forward into the next 3 months ahead with such energy, volition and determination that come this time in july you’re stocktake list of the quarter that was will be a mile long and then some.

use my quarter stocktake printable to well, take stock… Check it out HERE

#CHANCE :) ox

2016 - quarter stocktake - mockup - angle zoom square - CHANCE

April 1, 2016
May 1, 2016