Free Funk Flicker Printable



You know how every now and then you get in a funk?

The kind of funk where you have plenty of clear to-do’s to carry on with each that will benefit your business one way or another; but you have this nagging sensation that won’t let up saying, “Yeah, these things ‘need’ doing, but what are they actually getting you closer too. Is this really going to get you what you want?”

Here’s a free printable I made to help you flick your funk into focus and get on with enjoying the fruits of your completed OUTCOME.


Click ‘Add to Cart’
Once added, click ‘View Cart’
Review the items in your cart and either continue shopping or click ‘Proceed to Checkout’
Complete your details and purchase
Next you can download your files! (You’ll also get an email with the download link too)

Open the download (A4 or US Letter)
Click ‘File’, ‘Print’
Review your default print settings
Click Print and you can run as many copies as you need!
Have fun :smile:


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