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free money tracker

Inspired by Denise Duffield-Thomas’ message on how to become a Rich Lucky Bitch I’ve been implementing many of her fabulous straight to the point, down to business strategies and they are working an absolute treat! Thanks Denise!

By far my latest new habit of tracking all the money that comes to…

10 Minute Exercise for your Soul

More and more articles, books and my Facebook news feed are encouraging me to follow my Soul’s Song, my Soul’s Mission, or my Divine Purpose. Ok great, I’m down for that, we all want to do more of what we love and less of what we don’t, but where…

#ThoughtfulThursday | Trust Yourself

So what started out as any normal Thursday, soon became a Soul affirming terrific day which then spawned the following delightful downloads.

I’m a member of a secret club, ok well it’s not a secret as such, but it is a club; and one that is going places thanks to its founder…

Time to fire that voice in your head

Ever noticed how even in silence, it’s not really silent?

I’m not trying to be profound; what I’m talking about is an affliction most of us share, especially women – it’s that incessant voice in our head that at times can seem like a relentless cold hearted and cruel enemy determined to…