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Everything in life is cyclical.

The Moon, the Stars, the tides, relationships, seasons; so too I find myself in periods of deep introspection upturning areas in my life I’m almost, but not quite satiated; in hopes of finding the answers and clarity, I’m yearning for.

Have you noticed you do something…

Here’s How To Shift From A Funk

You know how every now and then you get in a funk?

The kind of funk where you have plenty of clear to-do’s to carry on with¬†each¬†that will benefit your business one way or another; but you have this nagging sensation that won’t let up saying, “Yeah, these things ‘need’…

Smash through a major goal in 15 minutes


“I don’t have time.” Argh I’m so tired of hearing it!!!

I get the feeling every decade has a new excuse phase we can hide behind, a red card we can pull when we don’t want to/too¬†scared to/too fearful¬†to or plain old can’t do something, and NOBODY QUESTIONS IT!

Everything from,…


This month your free wallpaper is extra beautiful thanks to Malin N and her gorgeous photography over on Instagram @vittvittvitt.¬†Start following her and you too will swoon¬†over¬†the imagery she captures – minimal neutral tones, simple elegant spaces and attention for detail. I’d love to call any of¬†her¬†photos home.

May sees…


oh my how quickly the first 3 months of the year feel to have flown by – would you agree?

for me the year started much the same as the previous year ended, living in a vintage van on my mother’s property helping her rebuild (yep not renovate) her 150yo…


This months desktop wallpaper is all about inducing a sense of calm, tranquility and focus on one thing as we embark on Quarter 2. Photographer Billy Lam has captured it¬†beautifully in this ocean scene with calm muted tones, and gentle haze… so evocative¬†you can almost smell the crisp misty…


Your desktop wants to look prettier than it is РHow about you jazz it up with this free Wallpaper complete with a simple quick glance calendar along the bottom. works beautifully on Mac and PC. Enjoy!

Download it free HERE


Chance ox

PS: Post¬†a picture of your new wallpaper over on my FB Page…


To Do List – A4 & US Letter sizes – Print a bunch of copies, clip together and use this them as a notepad or to add to your planner.

Hope you love it!

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