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Modelling Your Way to Success; not the runway kind!

I’ve experienced my fair share of trials and tribulations on my journey to becoming an extraordinary entrepreneur; Modelling continues to play a key roll in creating my rise to liberation.

In case there’s any confusion, no this 5’2″ Lady never set foot on a runway, never struck a pose, never twirled in front of fashionista audiences and never wore 5″ stilettos; opp hang on, back up, yep I do love a glamorous and ridiculously high heel, so that I’ve done; the others I haven’t. In this post, I’m not talking about Modelling in the glamorous sense, instead the far more sexy Neruo Linguistic tool known as Modelling.

We can talk about NLP, or Neruo Linguistic Programming another day (FYI if you think that sounds about as much fun as watching grass grow, turns out it’s actually as fun as anticipating the ice cream truck chiming closer to your house!). In the meantime though back to this Modelling thing.

Modelling is the process of achieving an outcome by studying how someone else whom has achieved the results you want went about it. In it’s simplest form, it’s avoiding having to reinvent the wheel and doing what’s already proven to work – Across ALL areas of life and business.

Naturally, we’re very chameleon like creatures, monkey see, monkey do, however given our extra level of critical human thinking, we have a way of getting in the way of what can otherwise be straight and simple learning. Think back to when you learnt to ride a bike without training wheels; I recall standing in the driveway watching my Dad ride around our court, effortlessly gliding past me, then with ease and grace he could stop on a dime and step off all without any tumbles, scraped knees or knuckles. Mesmerised I wanted to know how he did it!

With stoic patience Dad would usher me onto my little red glittery bike, hold firmly onto the back of the seat and begin to narrate instructions, some of which I’d follow, some of which I wouldn’t; “ok now peddle, remember to steer, keep peddling, concentrate on your balance, watch where you’re taking us, pedal faster…”. In fact what Dad was doing was teaching me his strategy for how he successfully rode a bike, breaking it down into steps, then rinse and repeat.

The sooner I actioned EXACTLY what Dad was telling me to do, the sooner I would have mastered riding by myself. However for every instruction I dismissed (an interference our monkey mind creates) I wouldn’t advance. It’s like Shirley Temple on the steps, three steps up, one step back. If Mum was teaching me, her strategy may have been a little different, however given she can successfully ride a bike too (for the most part ;) there have been a few funny riding calamities), her steps would have also lead me to a version of success.

This childhood example demonstrates an example of Modelling we’ve likely all done without realising. Fast forward now to adult life, and more specifically a trajectory towards successful entrepreneurship and we can consciously leverage the process of Modelling to achieve the results and outcomes we want. For example, the Weekly Letter that I send out to my amazing Ladies, in which I answer their entrepreneurial questions (Click here to get on the list if you’re not already) is an approach I’ve modelled from a successful business man called Scott Pape.

For all the hundreds of subscribed newsletters I receive, his are the ones that I enjoy most and consistently open, why? Because almost every edition has a topic and answer of interest to me. It’s not just Scott deciding what he thinks I want to know or read, it’s the voice of his readers, he gives them a forum, and of course fellow readers such as I, can relate, garner insight and value; and equally important for him, be ready to receive and read the next one when it reaches my inbox. He has an email strategy that works, so I Modelled it.

To talk in metrics (extraordinary entrepreneurs know the importance of measurabilities), by modelling his approach, my Weekly Letter performs 284% better than the standard for my industry! 284%! Little 5’2″ me who’s never run an email campaign before, can consistently achieve these results! Thanks to Modelling… And you can too.

Pick an area in your business you want to improve with dramatically successful results, your branding, your packaging, your after sales service, your Facebook presence, your sales, your telephone manor, your window display, ANYTHING… Start with just one area, then seek out someone who excels in that area and already has the results you aspire for. If you don’t yet have someone in mind, then get Googling, increase your skill of observation and notice in your daily travels who might be demonstrating what you’re looking for. It might be a shop in the next suburb over who’s window displays are always stunning, it might be that lovely lady you met at a recent event who spoke of her results, it could be someone you know or someone you don’t, someone close, or someone far, it doesn’t matter!

Once you find them, reach out to them and ask directly (with grace and love) how they went about doing/achieving XYZ result; on many occasions, people will be only to happy to share. Alternatively, if upon closer observation you can see and notice how they’ve created what you want, simply model it, that’s all I needed do with my email, I just modelled Scott’s approach.

There are books and pages upon pages of Google search results for wonderful resources that will dig even deeper into the mystic and magic world of Modelling, so with that in mind I’ll keep my post short-ish and wrap up soon so you can get on with your new Modelling career sooner.

Some Secret Keys to keep in mind when Modelling:

  • Modelling is just that simple. Don’t overcomplicate it. Don’t over think it.
  • Take exactly the same steps as the person your modelling has done, if you think you can omit a step because it doesn’t apply, you run the risk of buggering up the successful recipe – That’s no longer Modelling, that’s thinking you know better. (Which by the by you likely don’t if you’re looking to improve it)
  • Modelling is not copying. Copying would be styling your window display the same as the shop you’re referencing, same colours, same products, same everything, replicated. Whereas Modelling is observing the patterns and formula for the end result you want (eye-catching window display), in this case it may be noticing that every Tuesday by 9am a new shop front has been styled, everything is clustered in uneven numbers, nothing is displayed higher than 1 meter, there is always more than 3 textures utilised but no more than 5 colours at one time etc etc.
  • Become a student of observation and curiosity.
  • Take Modelling into your personal life, if you don’t have the relationship you want, the memory, the money, the garden, the time, the optimism, the body you want, find someone who does, notice the pattern, discover the formula, and implement.
  • Modelling can take practise, just make a start and refine as you gain more experience, either way you’re results will be far improved!

Let’s wrap it up there pretty Ladies, I trust that you have had a healthy quota of lightbulb moments as you’ve read this and I bet you already have an area in mind you want to improve, and every extra word I type here is keeping you from Googling who’ll you’ll model for the same results – So time to sign off, and hydrate with an Evian.


I always welcome your questions, thoughts and comments.


Sparkle on Super Models,

Your Friend and Liberator, Chance :)