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Meet Chance

Your Small Business Passion-ista (yep, I made up that word, what do you think?)

What follows after this paragraph is going to be that usual babble that you find on About Me pages, and don’t get me wrong, it’s fascinating babble, however for those keen to click through to another page I’ll summarise it for you. With over 15 years in and around Small Business I’ve learnt this about myself :

I love to help others learn, connect and profit from their passion and find the kind of harmony in life others think is only fictional. Most importantly, I also love to show Women how amazing they already are.

Still keen to read the long version, this is just for you // I grew up in Small Business, with my parents working for themselves. I wouldn’t catch the bus home, I’d catch it to their office, do my homework at a desk and if it was a good night, we’d be home by 10pm. I’ve been witness to what works in Small Business and what doesn’t from an early age.

I owned my own Graphic Design business for 8 years, starting it as a solopreneur when I was 20 years old, I specialised in Branding for Small Businesses (I recall I use to market it as ‘Corporate Image Design’, ladeda) . At one point I freelanced for a Japanese Advertising Agency working on the Australian Accounts for Hungry Jacks, Suzuki etc – this experience (albeit amazing) highlighted that my passion was instead working with Small Business and their unique challenges.

At the same time, I had a rapidly growing interest in the psychology of business, marketing and the consumer – I then went on to become a Neuro Linguistic Programmer (NLP) and Business Coach to better serve my clients and the evolving conversations and challenges they would share with me.

My business is Secret Source Academy and I have been working in the Small Business development space for the last 5 years, consulting with owners to identify and solve their most pressing challenges in order to support their continued growth and success. Specifically my focus has turned to championing Female Business Owners because we’re all Wonder Women to some degree, we just don’t realise it yet, and when you do, that’s when the cool stuff begins to happen!

I would relish the opportunity to meet you at one of my Workshops or down the street when next I’m at the cafe, please do come up and say hello, I’m your new friend, and I’m on your Team. Let’s be awesome together.

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PS // If you live on the other side of the country or even the world, that’s dandy too, sure we may not get to meet in person just yet, but I reckon Facebook is the next best thing, pop on over and say G’Day : Secret Source Academy Facebook Page

February 12, 2015