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It’s Okay if you’ve Run Out of Answers For Yourself

Is anyone else feeling dazed by the energy of the recent Super Blue Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse? 🌒

My business kicked off 2018 with gusto and is ramping up to precedents not experienced before, if I could clone myself my frantic mind would be eased.

With big goals, come big high quality challenges that are likely unfamiliar and require a sense of adventure, grit, trust and focus in order to move through them.

I’ve got bloody great at stretching myself in new ways, ebbing and flowing as the situation demands; however I’ve reached overwhelm.

We’ve all been there before, we don’t know up from down let alone were to begin. So we stop, step back, exhale and slowly start to take one step at a time to line up the metaphorical ducks.

This time it’s different.

This time even my compass is lost.

This time what’s worked before, isn’t now.

This time I can’t fix this alone.

This time, I’ve realised it’s time to put my hand up and ask for help.

This time, I’ve grown to new heights where I don’t have to have all the answers.

This time, it’s my turn to seek answers from others.

I’m so used to being the fountain in the Secret Garden that spouts the wisdom and translates the language of the Universe for others; now it’s my turn to find the fountain I drink from.

The fountain that aligns me, guides me, translates for me.

Now to manifest that divine Soul that leads me to a clearing in the forest that is this thing we call Entrepreneurship.

February is set to be a mega month of manifestation for us all. Patrol your thoughts, think about what you want and not what you don’t and connect with the feeling of what you want.

Magic is just around the corner.

Tonight I’m releasing the need and the tenseness with an organic chamomile and lavender tea, a clay face mask and the first chocolate I’ve had in 31 days. Only great things will come from this combo.

Ask for help.

We’ve got this. It’s just growing pains.


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