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The (rather alternative) Formula to Identify your USP

Happy Satur-yay!

What’s your USP – Unique Selling Position, I bet you can improve it after reading this.

I’m re-writing my ‘About’ page at the moment, as part of a website overhaul I’m doing (stay tuned 😉) but as I sat down to rehash it, I realised I needed to go back a step further and redo my 1 Page Marketing Plan first.


I’ve got this really great formula for punching out a Marketing Plan that gets you in the shoes of your target audience quickly.

This means not only do you get an instant connection with things from their perspective but all of a sudden you can see clearly what language to use to speak to them, what their pain points are and how to reach them. (You can also embarrassingly see why what you’ve been doing hasn’t been working, lol!) Anywho’s fast forward, and I’m working through my punchy Marketing Plan and it gets to the USP part, and I’m thinking, “Oh yeah, it’s been a while, what is my USP these days?” The dry, dusty (common) version of a USP are things like:
– we deliver what we promise (well yeah I’d hope so if I’m paying!)
– better than anyone else (hmmm, ok that’s quite broad)
– unique design (honey, if you’ve gotta, say it’s unique, it probably ain’t)
– best customer service (refer to point 1, I’d hope so!) You get the idea, they’re usually ambiguous, generic and non-inspiring.

I’m a HUGE advocate for embracing and projecting your personality and character through your business branding be it visual, spoke, or written word.

Humans, buy humans.

If your business is a Service, perfect, infuse you into everything that projects your brand, if you swear, swear, if you have a fun wardrobe you wear on weekends but tone down at the office, don’t, if you think and function in quirky ways don’t be embarrassed, embrace it, embrace you.

We’re not all for everyone, we don’t have to be.

We need to be for ourselves first, and then those that are vibing with us will be drawn to you and delight in your every word.

If your business is a product business get your human face in front of it!

Start making more of the connection between your product and your face and personality – after all, every product or service business has a human or 10 behind it selling it, don’t hide away, you’re missing an incredible opportunity to connect.

Damn, I can talk a lot, I really thought this would be a nice short post, who was I kidding.

So what I want to get to is that your USP must be derived from the list of attributes that are ‘unique’ characteristics of you.

Write a bullet point list of everything that makes you unique, here are some of mine:

– Born Problem Solver
– Incurable optimist
– Love human behaviour and psychology
– Non-conventional, I enjoy questioning the ‘normal’
– Fascinated by Quantum Physics and Spirituality
– Incredibly curious – that’s why I know a little about such a freakn lot!
– Born Entrepreneur. Have 4 businesses, with another 4 in the pipeline

Once your list is done, step back and look at it as a whole, what’s the overarching theme or two you notice? – that’s your USP!

Stay tuned as I share mine soon, in the meantime though, I would love to hear yours below!


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February 7, 2018