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Get your ear balls ready, I’m starting a Podcast!!! I have a list of over 60 topics to discuss with you; and by discuss I mean you hit play, I talk at you; you listen then respond aloud in the car or on the train as if I can hear you. Or you can just DM me 😂

You see what I wanted to do was film 15 min videos on each topic, but do you think I’ve found a day that my makeup was on point, the sun was still out and I was ready for a film sesh. Nup.

The beauty of a podcast means I can look hella fleck or like hell and it doesn’t impact a great episode being recorded!

Get ready to wrap your ears around the topics that small business owners, entrepreneurs, and startups will find nuggets of wisdom in.
The first one will go live as soon as I have my head figured around this podcast publishing thing.

To wet your taste buds, topics include:
👂🏼3 things you want your website visitors to do
👂🏼How to turn around a failing business
👂🏼How to set boundaries
👂🏼Online Entrepreneur Communities to join
👂🏼Fire the negative Nancy in your head
👂🏼Is there a shortcut to success?
👂🏼Vision boards, the lowdown and how to make one without clag
…and many more

Have a business question you want answered? #takingrequests

Stay rad,
Chance aka #hereisyourchance ✌🏼

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