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I see so many small business experts online selling the promise of success.

How to hit a $10k month, how to book out your calendar, how to succeed on Shopify …but how’s about we first deal with why your Business is failing.

It’s not good psychology to talk in negatives, that why all those ads you see are always pitched in the positive form of what you want, and not the reality of where you are.

I want to cut the BS and get real.

If you’re reading this and a failing business is your reality right now, and you’re losing sleep at night, then by day robbing Peter to save Paul, I think you’re going to want the straight talk too.

You don’t have the luxury of time to hear all the fluff.

There are more than 2.1 million small businesses in Australia 🇦🇺 60% of those will fail in the first three years.

I see evidence of it just driving down the street.

I hear about the pending closures in the circles I move.

Failure is real.

Sadly and to my surprise, so many of these owners readying to shut their doors are genuinely oblivious to the true cause of their demise.

Yet, many offer up excuses, I mean answers.
…the foot traffic isn’t there
…the economy is hard at the moment
…now isn’t a good time to be in business
…the government doesn’t want small business to succeed …customers don’t appreciate hard work
…everyone is shopping overseas now
…the last owners left irreparable damage

Nothing takes away though from just how much hard work these owners have put in as an attempt to change their destiny.
Every initiative hoping and praying it’s the one that finally unlocks the combination that turns their business around and back into the black.
Sounding familiar. A little close to home even?

I HATE seeing businesses fail.
I HATE seeing defeat on their faces.

I’ve observed from an early age the difference between a thriving small business and one nose diving.
Both with the same opportunities and resources, no overachieving advantages; so why the huge disparity?

I’ve been feeling increasingly called to share my knowledge in this space and help those so desperately hungry to help themselves.

Help is coming.
Here is your Chance.