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Giving gratitude for the Month that was [Free Printable]

Some months the days fly by and everything just works, other months, the days twist and turn and clunk by and you wonder if the bad luck from that time you stepped on a crack in the footpath as a kid has come back to bite.

Nonetheless, whatever sailing your month does, I believe it’s immensely important and valuable for our own growth to take a moment to reflect on the month that was, before we’re thrust into a shiny new one.

Download this free printable I’ve created, pour a cup of tea [or glass of port], sit somewhere you’ll have peace for at least 20 minutes and as you ask yourself each question, trust what comes up and jot that down. This is a beautiful process to release September and make space for October, in turn laying a solid foundation for a phenomenal new month ahead.

I bet you’ll see just how much you really do achieve, participate in, and grow; in just the space of 30 days [give or take]

Happy reflecting pretty Souls!


Free Printable Reflecting on September 2015

Download Printable

September 28, 2015