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Inspired by Denise Duffield-Thomas‘ message on how to become a Rich Lucky Bitch I’ve been implementing many of her fabulous straight to the point, down to business strategies and they are working an absolute treat! Thanks Denise!

By far my latest new habit of tracking all the money that comes to me every day has made the most notable difference to my cash flow and bottom line. Last year Denise released a brilliantly simple iOS app ‘Lucky Bitch’ to make tracking every cent that passes your hands super easy. You set a goal at the beginning of the month for the amount you want to attract (remember money is energy) and each time you receive money for a product, a refund, your wages or even the equivalent value of something you receive such as that coffee your bestie bought you, log it in the app.

So why use this free printable I’ve created? Read on, it’ll all make sense.

I meticulously tracked every penny in January and smashed what I thought was a lofty goal, with 10 days to spare before the month’s end! WTF! How did I do that?

Needless to say, I’m a convert. Track every dollar and you’ll attract even more. So much more money passes through our hands than we truly realise. What an eye opener.

So February rolled round and as I went to set my goal for the month the app glitched with it’s last update and alas it’s out of action (at the time of writing this article) – Denise’s Team are all over it to have it back up ASAP (which I’m eagerly awaiting). Here’s the kicker, 20 days have passed without tracking in my app and boy oh boy have my sales taken a dive. INTERESTING. Me thinks there’s something to be said for tracking every penny, aye…

With that in mind, whilst we await the Lucky Bitch app to return to full functionality I’ve whipped up a simple money tracking printable free for you to download and get to using right away!


Money Tracker A4   Money Tracker US LETTER

Happy money tracking!