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Here’s How To Shift From A Funk

You know how every now and then you get in a funk?

The kind of funk where you have plenty of clear to-do’s to carry on with each that will benefit your business one way or another; but you have this nagging sensation that won’t let up saying, “Yeah, these things ‘need’ doing, but what are they actually getting you closer too. Is this really going to get you what you want?”.

Well, my friends, that’s exactly the crisis of internal dialogue that I’m having right now.

I have client work to carry on with and project work of my own to advance; you see, plenty to invest my time in – but my gripe: Like a shotgun approach, I’m getting lots done, but it’s a little from every column, AND I JUST WANT ONE GOSH DARN COLUMN COMPLETED, FINISHED, FINI! Nothing feels as good as completing something hey. So why do we starve ourselves of this joy? Argh – crazy humans.

So what’s a girl (or guy) to do?

Write a blog post about it of course! This way I can get out of my head onto paper, or well screen in this instance and with movement comes energy and with energy comes answers – so you bettchya, just in the time it’s taken me to write these 191 words I have me an answer!


  1. Write about where your headspace is at at the moment. Write a blog post, journal privately, draft an email to yourself but never send it, anything that gets your headspace onto paper/screen. Notice any answers that come up, trust them, that’s divine inspired thought being delivered.
  2. At the top of a page write one OUTCOME YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE – other people might call this a goal.
  3. List in as few steps as possible what action needs taking to progress this from revery to reality?
  4. With your action list complete, go through and highlight the ones you can outsource eg, to your VA, Freelancers etc
  5. Time now to start doing! Punch through that list as quick as you can, just focus on completing this one OUTCOME by ticking off your list of steps, the sooner the better!
  6. BONUS TIP: Remember 80% out the door is better than 100% in the drawer, so knock it out, don’t perfect it or mollycoddle it. The priority here is completion, you can go back and tszuj (zhuj) later if it needs it, just don’t waste time on it now!
  7. Rinse and repeat for the next major Outcome you want to achieve – but only once you’ve got this one done and dusted.


Here’s a free printable I made to help you flick your funk into focus and get on with enjoying the fruits of your completed OUTCOME.



Keep me posted how you go!

Chance :)