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Eat + Complete Events

Time to work ON the Business not IN the Business

Let me ask you something, do you find that being the Owner of a Small Business means that every minute of every work day is already accounted for and consumed by a to-do before the day has even started?

Can you even remember the last time you had a ‘spare moment’ or nothing to do? Yup, didn’t think so. Me too.

I have big grand plans for where I see the future of my business going, but last year in the 12 months gifted to me, I did next to nothing to help bring my vision closer to fruition because I was so busy being reactive to my Client workload and life that I’m no further ahead now then I was a year ago – gulp, that’s a hard pill to swallow.

So this year I’m doing different and I figured you might be feeling the same way, so let’s do differently together!

Time to stop working IN the business day to day being consumed by it’s ever demanding and relentless needs, and time to stop and make time to work ON the business – This is where you get to take back control, pull the reigns back on your Stellion and assume a gentle trot, the kind of pace conducive to starting AND completing those passion projects that have, until now, fallen to the bottom of the list.

Want to write a book, Create a digital product, Update your website, Curate your Marketing plan for 2019 – Whatever it is, my new Eat + Complete Events are the Utopian world where you can finally set aside a focused block of time to smash out the things you’ve been wanting and meaning to do. Better yet, you’ll be alongside the like-minded energy of fellow moguls in the making, also hungry to achieve, complete and thrive in their pursuits this year.

This isn’t just a session you could punch out at home on the dining table, which hey, we both know you would’ve done by now if it was that simple. I lead these sessions with a structure and flow, so that you go into it with a clear plan for what you aim to complete by the end, a chance to network and find your new business-bestie, a feast of delicious food, all the coffee you could want and a noggin refreshed with new knowledge, satisfaction and clarity.

Oh and did I mention that after the event, you’re invited to become a member of The ComplEATers Facebook Group, a private community for participants to continue the conversation, connection and support. A potent convergence of amazing people in business all committed to success actions and behaviours.



  • We all meet at the nominated Cafe, 11:45am sharp
  • We get to know one another, browse the menu + order lunch
  • We discuss a current topic that we’d all like to find a solution to
  • Then we get down to the completen’ part for 90 minutes
  • To close out we share what we’ve achieved



  • You’re an established Small Business Owner (Men + Women)
  • You know exactly what you want to work to Complete!
  • You can be productive in a lively space
  • You enjoy meeting like-minded people
  • You can work focused without disrupting those around you



  • You haven’t yet started your business
  • You need solitude or silence to be productive
  • You’ve no idea what you’d work on
  • You can’t get a babysitter, or put your child in care
  • You’re not fully committed to building a truly successful business



$195 incl GST

Lunch, wine (if available) and all the coffee you can drink included





What do I need to bring with me?

Yourself and the tools (eg; laptop, tablet, pen and notepad) you require to work.

Keep in mind there isn’t space to sprawl, so probably leave the blueprints and cumbersome things at home.


What if I have dietary requirements?

That’s ok, us too! Just make a note in your booking. I purposefully choose locations that cater to most needs.


Can I bring my friend or business partner with me?

Of course, Teamwork makes the dream work! Just make sure that each of you has Booked a Ticket.


Can I bring a child with me?

Alas unfortunately not, no matter the age. Strictly no children, in the interest of supporting the focus and productivity of yourself and that of other ComplEATers. Ignoring this policy will result in a non-refundable forfeit of your booking and a request to ask you to leave.


Will there be WiFi and a power point?

Yes, there will be WiFi! No, there won’t be power points, so charge those devices fully beforehand!


Couldn’t I just work for free at my local Cafe?

Sure you can, whipping out your laptop at your local is great for a change of scenery, but for most of us going it alone, we won’t have a clear plan, be as productive or meet new friends in business to swap notes with. Both serve a purpose. Eat + Complete events are perfect for when you need a rocket up your bum to realign your focus and a team to get you there.


What if I book, but have to cancel?

You will receive an SMS confirmation the week of your event, if you need to cancel let us know via email more than 48hrs prior to the event and we can either refund or rebook your spot for a future date (within 3 months). Otherwise, a Cancellation fee of 50% of the booking will apply for no-shows and cancellations made with less than 48hrs notice.


I don’t live near any of the Event locations, will you have others elsewhere?

Absolutely, complete this form HERE to request an Eat + Complete event near you and your feedback will help us plan future events. One day we may even see you in Sydney, Auckland, Tokyo or New York!


I have some questions before I book, who can I ask?

I love a good question! Live Chat is available for you Monday to Friday 9 – 5pm, otherwise submit your question here and I’ll return to you ASAP!