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I work a solid 40hr week between client projects and my own, yet I’m more focused and effective when I’m working on their projects vs on my own. wtf. Why do we do that.

Who else does this, I know I’m not alone.

Often this can happen because we have someone to be accountable too, or it’s paying our bills or unconsciously we don’t believe we’re as deserving of the same focus and commitment as our clients are. hang on, say what now. yep you heard right.

We’re complex creatures.

I had a 6 month bottleneck where I couldn’t get past myself.

By that I mean, I allowed my client workload to consume me, I realise now it was so that it would distract me from feeding and progressing my own projects. Projects that are ambitious and that will get me where I want and so much more. yet I avoided them. ridonkulous aye.

Gay Hendricks, author of The Big Leap calls it hitting an upper limit.

It’ll take me forever to summarise it, you know with the way I have a knack for using 15 times more words than needed to explain. Google the book. Get it on Audible. Read it.

So how am I now pushing through my upper limit, and getting past myself, simple, 1. I made the choice to find a solution 2. I’m doing differently; my incredible Kinesiologist @bythebaykinesiology helps too 😉

I visit clients a few times a week, and work from home the rest, I’ve changed my time management strategy at home and it’s making all the difference, hallelujah!! 🙏🏼 It’s easy to look like we’ve each got our shiznit together online, and mostly we all do, but let’s remind ourselves we’re human and the landscape of life is ever evolving. What works today may not tomorrow, be willing to adapt and you’ll be right back to winning at being a #prohuman in no time.
But for goodness sake, don’t hide behind excuses, no one’s buying it, not even you. Choose to do something about it. and do it.
Oh and if you don’t have the answer yet, just keep trying different things until you hit the winner. It’s a numbers game. what do you think i was doing those 6 months…


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