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Small Businesses Fail because:
They Over Complicate things

Whether your business is 10 years old or you’re 6 months into something established you’ve bought, no one is immune to the potential of failure.
Over the years I have seen my fair share of businesses in struggle town.

Classic signs of imminent closure include robbing Peter to pay Paul, relentless stress wondering how the staff will be paid, drip paying bills or ignoring altogether, and for some remortgaging the family home, or worse, borrowing cash from family or friends.
Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way, but sadly it’s a series of poor choices that move things closer and closer to breaking point.
In business, we have to be able to weather many storms, relentless in our pursuit of success and security.
Water has to roll from our back like a duck, all the strength you can muster from within has to be at your beckon call and the most vulnerable of all, the honesty to admit when you need help.
It’s ok not to have all the answers, it’s ok to call in the backup, and it’s ok to know when you’re at the threshold of your skill and knowledge.
The most successful business owners claim not to know it all, but to know their strengths and play to them, and to know their weaknesses, then bring in help to strengthen those gaps.
One of the key reasons I see businesses fail is because they over complicate things.
Life can be easy.
Business can be easy.
But sometimes we can have an uncanny knack of self-sabotaging ourselves or simply buying our own convoluted reasons & excuses for why things need to remain the same, & to the detriment of our business.
Keep it Simple.
There is flow in simplicity.
There is clarity in simplicity.
There is breathing room in simplicity.
There is success in simplicity.
Don’t make your customer’s experience of your brand exhausting, prickly or challenging because of the steps they have to take just to engage in your services or purchase your product.
Remove the bureaucracy, cut the red tape, fix your website flow, hone your return policy, have attentive wait staff, hire a team with can-do attitudes, streamline the speed humps.

Chance #hereisyourchance

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January 8, 2019