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Welcome to 2019!

I am so happy to be back at my desk, I enjoy time off, it’s great to rest the mind, but I’m yet to find the kind of time off/holiday that satisfies me to the degree my work does.
I’ve only realised that now; I can see in…


I see so many small business experts online selling the promise of success.

How to hit a $10k month, how to book out your calendar, how to succeed on Shopify …but how’s about we first deal with why your Business is failing.

It’s not good psychology to talk in negatives,…


I work a solid 40hr week between client projects and my own, yet I’m more focused and effective when I’m working on their projects vs on my own. wtf. Why do we do that.

Who else does this, I know I’m not alone.

Often this can happen because we…

Are you sharing your gift with the World?

Everything in life is cyclical.

The Moon, the Stars, the tides, relationships, seasons; so too I find myself in periods of deep introspection upturning areas in my life I’m almost, but not quite satiated; in hopes of finding the answers and clarity, I’m yearning for.

Have you noticed you do something…