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Are you sharing your gift with the World?

Everything in life is cyclical.

The Moon, the Stars, the tides, relationships, seasons; so too I find myself in periods of deep introspection upturning areas in my life I’m almost, but not quite satiated; in hopes of finding the answers and clarity, I’m yearning for.

Have you noticed you do something similar?

For most of us, there’s always going to be areas we wish to improve or change – but at what point do we say we’ve arrived, we’re content, I’ve made it?

Is that even possible?

We’re always evolving, and growing, looking at life and circumstances through different eyes each day, but what I’m wondering is what would it take to have peace and contentment in our Soul, so that then the changing landscape and opportunities on our horizon simply enrich that core satisfaction rather than feed this infinite cycle of not enough, yet…

I was born an entrepreneur, I love change, I love uncertainty, I love the gamble, I love the unknown, I love the challenge and figuring out the how, I love to problem solve, I love impressing myself.

Inherently with this wiring it also means I’ve come to realise when I reach satisfaction, it’s not for long – I then get energised from the achievement and feel fueled to reach for the next thing, goal, aspiration, personal target.

Aspiration is great, the World is an incredible place because of incredible people striving for big things, I love the boundary pushers and those that function outside the status quo, I want that, I want to contribute to that; but I think part of my stumbling block, is that I keep trying to function from a ‘normal’ space within the box, when my heart, Soul and mind are native to outside the perimeters of those walls. I’m a foreigner inside this box, and it doesn’t feel like home, I feel like a visitor desperately trying to fit in and not give away my cover – Why am I doing this?

I feel conflicted.

On one hand, unconsciously many of us love the idea of being normal, fitting in, being accepted, not rocking the boat, not drawing attention, or siding with a contentious opinion.

On the other hand, I’ve felt the empowerment before, when I’ve stood up, spoken up, held my belief, walked a new uncharted path, chosen different, felt different, done differently; through each of these actions I’ve taken I could energetically feel my Soul’s Compass align closer to due North, yet that tipping point of locking my bearing on true North and consistently keeping it there feels mystically elusive.

As I write this, the simple exercise of putting my thoughts into words is cathartically helping me to see what might be blindingly obvious to others, or that which I’ve missed up till now, this article is leading me to join the dots between my compartmentalised aspects of my mind, body and Soul. I hope that if you’ve been feeling conflicted with your purpose, your direction or that next step that these words guide you to some answers.

What I’m feeling more certain of, is that when we live a life each day that nurtures, contributes and harvests our Top 5 Values together with functioning from our Soul’s Sweet Spot, that place that brings us most joy and connection with purpose and truth, then maybe that’s how one feels an organic state of satisfaction permeate from within each day, now the void has been filled and will forever be for as long as you share your ultimate gift with the world every day.

That makes only one question left – and maybe the most profound of them all: What is your Gift?

I’m still formulating what my gift is, I can see the picture forming, it has been for years, maybe it’s visible to others and not yet to me. It’s a great idea to ask friends, family, clients, what do they see or experience as your greatest area of strength that without effort you naturally, do, think, see, feel; something tells me that is where your gift lays.

For me, instinctively I notice in any given situation I problem solve without even realising it, it the first place my thoughts go. It might be a business challenge, it might be a friend’s relationship, it might be how to make my balcony cat safe or complete an impossible to do list in less time than needed. I LOVE making life smooth and easy. I LOVE making life simple. I LOVE cutting out the fat and enjoying the cream on top.

All I want now is to have that clarity translated into a convenient punchy and clear statement that tells me what my gift is, haha.

I already integrate aspects of that into my consulting work, that’s how I’ve created the service I have, the question now, is how do I trim the fat and find that sweet spot that is 100% Gift to then do more of that and less of the superfluous filling on the outside?

Are you feeling your thoughts are moving closer to identifying your true gift, that pure potential you can tap into and share with the World?

Are you already functioning from that space even if just a little?

Where and how in your life are you doing that?

How could you turn it up, and invite more activity in that space, and release other activities that aren’t sharing your gift?

Look at that, 2% left on my Macbook before it hibernates, I love how cheeky the Universe is and the signs it gives if we choose to see them; I take this one to mean it’s time to put a full stop, period to this article so we can each get on with sharing our Gift with the World, because the World wants what we have to give.

Chance :)