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Let’s not fudge around, you’re here to suss me out a little more to see if I’m the right vibe for your tribe, so let’s hit the high points:

  • Born Entrepreneur
  • First business at 8 with a cliche lemonade stand out front of my house (great footfall with the local train station nearby!)
  • I started 4 more businesses between the ages of 8 and 16, one was selling custom hair clips from my blazer pocket between classes, another was a logo design service
  • At 20 I established a Graphic Design Studio, specialising in Corporate Image Design, small businesses were my favourite Clients.
  • Did a freelancing gig for a Japanese Ad Agency working on big household brands, but it was soulless, small biz was my passion
  • Noticed conversations shifting with Clients, which triggered an insatiable hunger grew to understand human behaviour and psychology in business and marketing
  • Studied the behavioural space for 4 years, including Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) – affirming my natural inclinations and abilities
  • I set up more than 10 businesses by the time I was 30
  • By my early 30’s I realised my superpower is Growth Hacking, I’m unorthodox in my approach and much of my skill isn’t learnt, it’s instinctive. It works with tremendous results and is a fun and playful journey for my Clients and their Staff
  • Today with this ability, I help scale established multi-million dollar businesses and turn around failing ones
  • I live and breath business but in the space between my next breath I live for the motorsport of Drifting, all things Japan and my fur face Kitty Neko.