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5 Signs you’re avoiding your soul’s calling

Recently at a party, from all the people in the room, one lady singled me out to make small talk, as you do when you don’t know many of the guests. It just happened to be the most divine chance encounter.

She asked what I did for work, and, as I’m currently going through a metamorphoses of purpose my answer was still a work in progress. I answered with, ” I help women find their soul’s song, that thing that makes your heart sing.”. Even as I uttered the words I wasn’t sure how they’d be received.

As we swapped stories about one another’s lives I came to learn that this 50 something beautiful, gentle and kind woman was lost. No she wasn’t at the wrong party, not that kind of lost; but rather life purpose lost.

She’d spent nearly 20 years in a career she just fell into, but one which never ignited her soul; then when she tried to execute a grand life changing plan to move overseas and do something all together different, in the last minutes it all fell apart and she found herself standing in the same place, but now with a road map scrambled even more than before.

As she shared with me all the twists and turns her attempts at careers had taken her on I noticed a pattern. Not only had she kept returning to the safety of a career she’d ‘fallen into’ all those years ago, but the monotonous tone and distant gazing as we spoke showed me she was lost and merely stabbing at careers in hope of striking gold. Thing was though, theses careers didn’t even feature in her top list of choices, they where barely a few steps shy of random decision. Worse still, when she spoke of the possibility of what she might ‘try her hand at next’ the energy in her voice was as if she had to have her 20 year old cat put down…

I was moved to guide her to the door of soul driven possibility and introduce the two of them.

Incredibly comfortable and open to keep sharing, we dug a little deeper and when I prompted her with, “If anything where possible what would your ideal career be?” a switch flipped, the lights when on and she nearly cut the end of my question short with her brilliantly enthusiastic response, “The host of Play School!”. Now we’d struck gold. In just a 10 minute conversation we discovered this Lady LOVES children, in fact, they are her soul’s song.

With this new spark ignited we went on to have some fun exploring what working with children might look like for her. The ball was rolling and the cogs where ticking, now as she spoke she was radiating the most beautiful energy of purpose and possibility. It was at about this point the party host called everyone’s attention and the woman I was speaking with concluded our divine encounter with, “I’m going to have playful curiosity like a child and think about where I might shoot my arrow next.”

Bingo, bango. Now she’s got it. Soul and compass successfully recalibrated.


If any of this story has struck some chords with you, then honey, you’re in the right place; kinda serendipitous your soul has guided you here of all the zillion blog posts out there in cyber space, you’re here… Pretty cool huh.

Your turn, let’s see where a short chat leads you [and your soul].


5 signs your avoiding your soul’s calling:

  1. You feel uninspired or neutral about the work you currently do
  2. You reckon you already know what your soul’s song is, although you use excuses such as, “There’s no money in it”, “I wouldn’t know where to begin”, “There’s already people out there doing it.”, “I’m too busy and I’ve got bills to pay”…
  3. You accept life as it is, your thinking is, “It’s not so bad, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”
  4. There’s a part of you worried you’ll fail and look silly
  5. You don’t know what your passion is


If you’re ready to start singing your soul’s song so that you and those who’s lives you touch in this lifetime can benefit then reach out bellow in the comments and let’s get a conversation started about next steps, specific to you.


Namaste ox