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10 Minute Exercise for your Soul

More and more articles, books and my Facebook news feed are encouraging me to follow my Soul’s Song, my Soul’s Mission, or my Divine Purpose. Ok great, I’m down for that, we all want to do more of what we love and less of what we don’t, but where is the rest of the paragraph that then explains how to go about finding out what that ‘thing’ is?

I’ve been seeking high and low for the rest of that paragraph and I’ve found it. In fact, inspired thought landed in my mind and it found me.

If you’re looking to get clearer on what makes your heart happy and your soul sing as a way to consciously set up your experience of life to welcome and invite more of it, or in the case of entrepreneurs, live, breath and profit from it, then do this simple 10 minute exercise.

Sit down with a friend or family member that knows you well and for 10 minutes (longer if you like) take turns telling one another what (from your perspective) you see that lights them up. Start your sentence like this, “I see you light up when…”. Keep going until you each have at least 5 things, you’ll see a theme.

Of course everyone sees things differently, and it can be an eye and heart opening experience to learn of what the other person has witnessed in you over the years they’ve known you. 9 out of 10 times, we know what lights us up, but sometimes we can feel an internal conflict acknowledging it out loud. This exercise will affirm what you’re ready to hear. Trust that you absolutely can take action to shape your life and world around honouring and living day in, day out, your Soul’s Mission.

Jot down the answers you receive and once you’ve reflected on them, take action on the one that you feel zings you up most inside! That zing is your Soul communicating with you. Listen. Listen closely. THAT’S your Soul’s Mission.